Assist with Pap Smear  - $10  per month


The simulator offers two different scenarios that test your ability to prepare for, and assist the physician with a routine breast examination and Pap smear. You will be required to either, set up the equipment, and hand the physician the appropriate instruments for either a slide-based, or ThinPrep container Pap smear test.


The video guides you through a step-by-step demonstration on how to correctly prepare for, and assist the physician with a breast examination and Pap smear; including patient positioning, correct handling of instruments, and the appropriate transfer and fixing techniques for specimen samples for both slide-, and liquid-based tests.


The anatomy provides detailed illustrations of a cross section of the female internal genitalia. A 3d, 360-degree rotational model also clearly shows the ovaries, uterus and vagina. Additional illustrations are used to demonstrate the surface quadrants of, and longitudinal cross section of the breast and inferior views of the external female genitalia and cervix.


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